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African Cultures!

If 1mA [wanma] means « Show me » in Wolof, it’s also the MilliAmpere able to prove the necessary Energy to light up the World in a different Way!

The aim of the collective is to bring together Artists from Africa or its diaspora in order to promote African cultures and showcase their creativity in a digital format on the new NFT (Non Fungible Token) market platforms.
If the United States and Europe are more and more present in the digital world, African talents too have their place to express themselves through these new technologies!

The African NFT Hack in Paris is coming!

A new aesthetic will transform the streets of the French capital from Saturday. Thanks to all the 8 incredible artists from 7 countries who will be part at this event! The pieces of Hawa-Jane, Malika Diagana, Maroussia Mbaye, Bella Bah, Serge Agnide Dade, Sinenkosi...

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Cyber Baat, 1st physical NFT exhibition in Africa!

The 1mA Collective participates at the exhibition "Distorted Realities" by the Cyber Baat group of Artists from Africa and its diaspora en september! The first physical NFT Exhibition en Africa organized by the Collective will take place in the Jendalmart Gallery in...

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