Samba Fall

« I seek to question the darkness of our world. My approach, imprinted with spirituality, is a succession of lucid observations: on materialism, on consumption… »

Samba Fall
Barcode Series 1

Who am I ?

« Originally from Dakar, I am graduate from the National school of fine Arts of Senegal. I has also followed a formation into multi-media and video art in Dakar and Oslo, in Norway. Having participated in numerous Biennials, from Dakar to Varna or Thessaloniki in Greece and several exhibitions, I work in a variety of media including painting, installation, video and net art. »

The Barcode Series

Each exclusive NFT asks us about our society where our humanity is dissolving into the financial. Isn’t everything for sale today: our bodies, our thoughts, our identity itself! »

« Barcode #1 »

Barcode 1