Sinenkosi Msomi

Photography is for me a medium of self-expression, able to educate, tell stories and strive to unite us! The images help me to express myself fully, to open up with great ease.

Photo Portrait Sinenkosi Msomi
Swazi Flower

Who am I ?

Founder of a photography and clothing movement called Swag Syndroam, I am an artist from Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) who lives in Mbabane.

While I hold an Associate Degree in Business Management and am pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, photography means a lot to me. I am fascinated by the power of an image on an audience and how an idea can come to life through photography.

A multiple award winner for my work, I win one of the African Union’s Nefertiti Awards in 2020 on the first-ever African Integration Day for artwork that addresses the themes of social change, justice, inclusion, fairness, equality, struggle and anti-oppression.


The exclusive NFT Series features the beauty of the Swazi culture and the major role played by young Swazi women in ensuring that our culture and traditions are well kept ans relayed to following generations.

« Emagcebesha »

Traditionnal Swazi Jewellery