I explores the concept of identity in my work: how we, as African Women, depict ourselves and tell our stories in terms of our history, our culture and our place in the world!

Hawa-Jane photo
In Black We Trust 2

Who am I ?

After Art and Law studies in the UK and USA,  I begin a successful career as a lawyer at the New York State Bar and later in the corporate sector in Sierra Leone, my country.

In 2013, I set up an art group, The Barray, comprised of about 15 visual artists to rebuild Sierra Leone’s Art scene, piece by piece. Since 2015 I curate and organize exhibitions by the Barray twice annually.

My artistic practive is painting, sculpture and installation art as a means of social commentar.

The « IN BLACK WE TRUST » Series

Each exclusive NFT features explores the black identity and black skin using the dot technique to evoke a feeling of celestial bodies in the blackness of the universe!

« IBWT 1 »

In Black We Trust 1