The first NFT project at the Dakar Biennale

In 2022, Digital art will find expression through NFTs during one of the most prestigious Biennale of Contemporary Art in Africa.

As part of the OFF program of the Biennale, the Collectif 1mA and its partners present, on the occasion of this 14th edition, an artistic itinerant journey of 6 days throughout the city of Dakar: Lighthouse of the Mamelles, Goree Island, Centennial Place, African Memory Square, Independance Place, Virtual University of Senegal.


Virtual Residence Dakar Biennal 2022
Biennal Dakar Application


It is by drawing from the past, by remembering symbolic events, by revisiting our history, that we can build a future that is emancipated.

From moments of history symbolized by the squares and monuments explored during the touring exhibition, the most innovative digital artists of our time from Africa, its diaspora and their guests have the ambition to build a new artistic narrative drawn in the heart of Africa narrative drawn in the heart of Africa from the Mamelles, place of the first physical exhibition of NFTs in Africa realized last September, to the Virtual University of Senegal in Mermoz, in the process of becoming the 1st University of the country, quite a symbol!

For the first time during the Biennale of Dakar, their story is supported by the new emancipating medium of Art that is the NFT (digital art) thus transgressing the codes of traditional art and presenting to the general public living scenes in augmented reality throughout the city, a technological innovation in the image of a pioneer Africa of the beginnings of Humanity.

Forging The Future Dakar 2022

The event

Each day, 8 to 10 artists will be highlighted in the west-african city thanks to their pieces in AR, accessible on the spot through a mobile app and/or VR Headset at the disposal of the public from the 11th to the 17th June. 

Beyond the Twitter Spaces program of promotion on social networks, each evening of the event, an Artwalk, with the participation of artists and curators of the event, will present the pieces within the Metaverse in a virtual reality Dreamhouses thanks to NFT OASIS.

During the month of June to the 10th September 2022, the 55 pieces will also be exhibited on the 2nd floor of the African Museum of the Metavese in Cryptovoxels Metaverse and will be showed in 6 virtual Dreamhouses by NFT Oasis.

The Places

Dakar Biennale 2022

Lighthouse of the Mamelles

Dakar Biennale 2022 Goree

Goree Island

Dakar Biennale 2022 - Forging The Future

Centennial Square

Dakar Biennale 2022 - Forging The Future

African Memory Square

Dakar Biennale - Forging The Future

Independance Place

Dakar Biennale 2022 - Forging The Future

Virtual University of Senegal

The AR shows

The Dakar Biennale in the Metaverse

During 3 months, one of the biggest installation in the Metaverse presents the pieces created by the 55 artists.

After the opening party by DJ Mansa Nova in the African Museum of the Metaverse, the closing Party was in the 6 virtual Dreamhouses by the DJ MercuriMedici.

Thanks to the 55 artists from Africa and beyond: May, Lyonna Lyu, Maryjane Uzodinma, Richie Kirui, Adejare Omoteniola, Chinedu Johnson, Kunle Ofwarri, Bella Bah, Bankole Toheeb, Akwaa Mariin, Ameni Abida, Serge Agnide Dade, Abu Olashile, Maxwell Dewumni, Sinenkosi Msomi, Ahmed Partey, Apah Benson, AnjolaDave, Abdoulaye Barry, Youngkevarts, Rakim Jah, Crystal Petit, Orabel, Trevor Maingi, Chuma Anagbado, Yinkore, Slashiro, Abieyuwa, Tolupe Oroyehun, Emmanuela Daniel, Mpho Jacobs, Phillip Udeka, Lohi, Balafaama Dan-Princewill, Chelwek, Pascal Okafor, Nygilia, Favor Leo, Hawa-Jane, Elaebi Amaremo, Phileal, Moyicii, Malika Diagana, Kel Savage, Gavin Kendo, Kokky Tau, Daïm Al Yad, Ollie Ma, Oyi Sands, Sardoine Mia, Rabatho Laka, Zeon Inyang, Afrospiritart, Drexx, Rey Matata. 

All the pieces still available are in a special collection on KnowOrigin.

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