We are proud for launching the 1st exhibition of our annual curation program « What Made Us »!

The 18 artists part of our new event was revealed the 7th March, day of woman celebration in Senegal for the Women History Month.

From the 7 to the 31, the pieces of Art by 9 women and 9 men from South Africa, Swaziland, Nigeria, Guinea, Benin, Congo (Brazzaville & Kinshasa), Sierra Leone, Mali, Ghana, Canada… celebrate the African Queens through digital Art (drawings, paintings and photography).

A curated World on the Fondation NFT platform presents all the 1/1 edition which will be highlighted during this month with the support of our Genesis Africa Fund and through special events in the Metaverse thanks to our partner NFT Oasis.

Here is the curatorial statement:

To be a Linguere is to be a queen, to be a royal princess!

It means perpetuating the dignity of the illustrious fierce women warriors on the battlefield and of all those who still fight every day!

It is to remember the resistance of the women of Nder, the Talatay Nder commemorated every year since 7 March 1820: from their incredible act of bravery to the sacrifice of their lives to escape servitude, to preserve their honour intact and with them that of their entire people!

It is also to celebrate Queen Ndaté Yalla Mbodj, Linguere of the Waalo Kingdom, heroine of the African resistance, symbol of all strong, powerful, emancipated women, a model for our time!

Let’s celebrate now the proud Linguères for this Women’s History Month!

The Artists:

Chelwek, Mpho Jacobs, Akwaa Mariin, Blackhydar, Mariam Niaré, Sardoine Mia, Skiwalker, Jekein Lato-Unah, Daïm Al Yad, Tolulope Aroyehun, Afrospiritart, King Omobolarinwa, Hawa-Jane, Sinenkosi Msomi, Kevin Katoto Kitenge, Bella Bah, Zed Salou, Serge Agnide Dade.

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