Serge Agnide Dade

For me, design is a creative process that is the basis of everything. In my work I bring my thoughts to life, I present my own vision of things.

Gold Cowries shells

Who am I ?

Self-taught Beninese artist, I started as a photographer in 2016 at Medusartstudio and was the 2018 winner of the Best photographic collaboration Award at the African festival FESTIFLASH. I have since moved on to film as photo director & cinematographer and since 2020 have embarked on the adventure of 2D and 3D motion design.

The Mystical Apparition Series

Each exclusive NFT immerses us in a mystical universe made up of ancestral traditions as well as practices of the past and present

« Not Even Bad. Voodoo Doll #2 »

Not Even Bad by Serge Agnide Dade
by Serge Agnide Dade

Last NFTs Exhibitions

Part of « Identity » the first virtual Exhibition of the 1mA Collective in June/July 2021 with 4 other artists, I was honored to participate in the First physical exhibition in Africa. Organized by the Cyber Baat Artists’ DAO in Dakar, the show featured 23 african creators physically at the Jendalmart Gallery and digitally on in September 2021.

I have been selected for the first-ever Digital Art Fair Asia with one NFT artwork entitled « Guardian » presented to the public from October 3 to 22 in Hong Kong.